AIM Site Security and Notification System

$100’s of millions annually is lost on construction sites due to theft and unmanned equipment malfunctions. Remote buildings, site office trailers, tool sheds, secured gates and heavy equipment are common job site properties hard to protect because of a lack of AC power or phone lines. Downtime due to sump pump or heater malfunctions add days of additional labour that can delay or jeopardize entire projects.

The AIM Site Security and Notification System from Cabco is a fully independent and portable security system offered in both wireless and hard-wired models. The AIM system does not require phone lines and is designed specifically for the construction industry to help control losses due to equipment malfunction, site tampering, intruders, vandalism and property theft.

Take Control Of Your Construction Site

Now you can monitor sump pump water levels, indoor climate control heaters, concrete curing temperatures, protect your mobile office trailers, heavy equipment, tools and storage sheds on your job site with one integrated notification device.

AIM utilizes a self-contained battery power source allowing you to place the AIM unit where it will be most effective. AIM requires no alterations to the site, is 100% portable and is easily installed in minutes.

When an event occurs, AIM sends a signal to the Notification Centre which in turn will notify the site’s owner or site manager by email or text message to their cellular phone or any other smartphone device.

Models Available

AIM 1450PC

Portable Wireless System in Customized Pelican Case

AIM 1450WL

Wireless System for Custom Installation

AIM 1450HW

Hardwired System for Custom Installation

Instant Notification when an Event Occurs

Why Choose AIM from Cabco?

  • Patented system that allows for a low current draw
  • Weatherproof, tamperproof and field-proven performance
  • Easily transferred from site to site (portable)
  • On-site alarm option available
  • Sends instant notifications via text message (on cellular network) or by phone
  • Can run on battery for weeks at a time (on a single charge) or add a solar panel for continuous run time
  • Daily test signal with voltage: know your system is working correctly and battery level is adequate
  • 24/7/365 System Monitoring available at competitive monthly rates